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Fabulous Boys in Unicorn Shirts


Kai's the hearts-and-starshine glitter boy of J.R. Bailey High, and no one's taking that away from him. Not God, not Justin Bieber, and not some kid with a hippie horse name and a pink Def Leppard shirt he'd start a war over.

Kai's so sparkly he glows, and he's got the fabulous life locked down, with an enby bestie Bowie and a tight-knit squad that might as well be called The Gay Team. That is, until new kid Spirit saunters into school. He has a mint-green puffer jacket. He has Bubblegum-painted nails. He has so much sparkle he and Kai are mistaken for one another.

But Kai always plays the sidekick, never the romantic lead. So when Project Spirit turns from ignore, ignore, ignore to fake-nice, they share a secret make-out and realize they may have more in common than they thought. But one screw-up and Kai's convinced Spirit wants to steal The Gay Team for his own. Newbie Spirit just wants friends. Kai thinks Spirit must be stopped. Somehow.

Full of dueling parties, office supply battles, Dungeon and Dragons deaths, coffee wars, and hate make-outs, their sparkly battle for supremacy has to end somehow. Kai and Spirit might stan sequins, but they both want the same thing: someone to see them as more than a glittery boy in eyeliner. Someone to really love them. Someone like a real boyfriend...

From best selling author Annabeth Chatwin comes a novel-length rom com with the heart to ask serious questions about how we see others, how we see ourselves, and how we can find love in the most unexpected places. #1 in the Spring Stories of the Seasons series, Fabulous Boys in Unicorn Shirts will keep you laughing -- and like most of Chatwin's books, maybe shedding a tear or two along the way.