He Called Me Broken

Brighten the Stars, Book #2

Late Fall, 1998


Sutton: When I walk into school, they turn their backs.

I used to have friends. I used to be popular. I was the safe kind of gay: the kind who wore the right clothes, who threw the right parties, who played the right Will to all the girls’ Grace. But when I started dating Tyler, I crossed the line between prep and skater, safe and dangerous, popular and loser.

Now I have no one but him. All my former friends make fun of me… and when I was one of them, I went along with their games. Now I'm the target.

I’m slipping away.

Tyler can’t save me.

I’m not sure I want to be saved anymore.

Tyler: I’m used to being a loser. Sutton’s not.

Sutton was cool once. When his friends turn their backs, refuse to work with him, and smack him around, he breaks a little bit. What happened to the kid who shouted down his best friend? Where’s the guy who squared off with the vice principal? Every day, he drifts farther. Every day, I lose a little more of him.

Sutton’s slipping away.

I can’t save him.

But I have to find a way.