I Promise No Lies

"This is a quick teenager-angst filled, clean read that I totally think was worth staying up till 2am to finish." —Amazon

"Annabeth Chatwin has quickly become one of my favorite authors of LGBTQ+ stories." — Amazon

When James and Heath were ten, they promised never to lie to each other— ever. But James comes out during auditions for the school musical, and his formerly inseparable BFF goes MIA. When James corners him, his best friend confesses not to homophobia, but to a crippling crush... on James.

Best friends in love: sounds perfect. But Heath says he's straight, and even if he loves James, it has to stay on the down low. Throw in a performance of Fiddler on the Roof plus a vicious high school gossip mill— Heath's drowning. To be with his kindergarten bestie, Heath has to confront who he really is... then convince James he's serious. Heath's scared. He's crushing hard. And if he wants James, he's got to make his best friend believe in him.

From the best-selling author of He Called Me Beautiful, I Promise No Lies tells the story of two best friends who want more— and one who has to figure himself out before it's too late.