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He Called Me Beautiful Gold-Bannered 5 Times...

Last night He Called Me Beautiful hit gold banner #5 with an official Best Seller banner... it's hit #1 in several categories more than once, but this is the first official banner.

I am crazy overwhelmed by how well this book has done. It's a debut novella from a first-time author! I had no fan base, no mailing list... really nothing but a web site and some Facebook ads. I'm incredibly humbled that this many people have liked Tyler and Sutton.

Thank you to everyone who's read and liked it, and especially thank you to those who've read and left reviews. It's been a huge help, and I'm very grateful.

I'm especially grateful to the moms who've bought this for their kids (I've talked to at least two). This is the reason I wrote the novella, and I'm so happy to see it getting into the hands of kids who'll read about what it was like for us back in the late 90s: when "gay" was widely accepted as a synonym for stupid, "f*g" was regularly thrown around, and "lezzie" was the worst insult for a girl. We still have a long, long way to go, but as Tyler and Sutton show, in many places, we've come a long way. My only regret is for the kids who'll read about Tyler and Sutton and see their struggles reflected there. Hold on, y'all. It gets better.

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