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He Called Me Beautiful Is On The Way!

OMG OMG OMG He Called Me Beautiful should be up for preorder on Amazon in a few hours and I am SO EXCITED. It took me until 11:30 pm last night to finish the formatting, and I got to order author proofs (squee!!).

The author proofs will go right to my husband's high school, though I'll keep one for myself. I'm so excited to have something to hand to the LGBTQIA kids there. He tells me stories (no names) about the struggles they go through, and I want nothing more than to bring them all home and love them to pieces. This is what I have to give, and I know it's small, but I hope it's a small light for them.

I remember so many friends in the late 90s who couldn't come out because they were too afraid. I remember my now-brother going through Catholic school, and the struggles he lived with, first as a lesbian and then as a trans man later in life. I didn't even understand I was bi until I was in my thirties! That's how repressive it was. So He Called Me Beautiful is a book for kids now, but it's also a book for all of us who lived through those struggles and that confusing time when "gay" still meant stupid and f** was a normal part of the vocabulary.

So much love for the young adults and teens reading this now. But also so much love for the grown-ups who remember and still carry the scars.

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