Stars Behind Clouds

Finding Fairy Tales, Book #2

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult LGBTQ+ Issues

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Depression Fiction

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Mental Illness

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Equestrian Fiction

★ Malcolm finds a job. West finds a best friend. But then jealousy sets in...★


Malcolm: West and I have always moved through our own world, away from dust and ugliness. But I need to work, and as my job — which I love — becomes more demanding, West seethes with jealousy. Why can't he see that I have to sock away cash for college? Oh, right: because he has white carpets and sofas and maids. Meanwhile, he jabbers about his fantastic new bestie who's slowly taking my place. I'm shunted aside, jealous, and angry. Maybe manic pixie dream boys can't exist in the real world.

West: Malcolm's work ruins our weekends. I pretend to care about it, but really, I'm jealous and angry. Why can't I have him around like before? Not only is he working all the time, he can't accept my friend Blue, the Princeton Prep loser who runs around tagging LOVE LOVE LOVE in alleyways and sneaking into fancy parties. Malcolm was always my adventure sidekick, and he thinks Blue's auditioning for his replacement. Malcolm and I had our own separate peace. But the real world's intruding...

The sequel to City of Perfect Moments, Stars Behind Clouds takes Malcolm and West into another world — a world of hard work, other people, and real obligations. A book about growing up and growing apart, Stars Behind Clouds shows that even when life changes us, our love can change along with it.