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Stars Belong to Us

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult LGBTQ+ Issues

#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Homelessness & Poverty

You see, I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there, trying to forget the bad things that have happened to me.

That's Eliot's story, a baby-you're-a-rich-man prep school kid who throws parties like Jay Gatsby, claims half his high school as a BFF, and seldom sees his absentee parents. When he's tossed a scholarship kid to squire around, Eliot's magnetic enthusiasm takes over, and Jonas falls hard — not for the spoiled rich kid, but for the boy who spends his parties playing video games alone, eats nachos for breakfast, and takes in stray cats.

But Eliot's got a mansion and "an island? It's sort of complicated." Jonas has a seven-room millhouse, a moped, and a mom whose maid company might clean up after Eliot's glittering bashes. But his single mother loves him, while Eliot's grin hides crushing loneliness. Jonas has to fix it however he can.

But Jonas discovers Eliot's family gives out his scholarship. Eliot's old BFFs aren't thrilled their party boy's hanging with a poor kid. And Eliot's grand gestures don't translate to Jonas's paycheck-to-paycheck life. Jonas aches to give Eliot the love he needs. Eliot's aching to love him in return. But sprawling mansions and scraped-up together rent don't mix. Right?

A full-length novel from best selling author Annabeth Chatwin, Stars Belong to Us tells a story of two boys determined to love one another for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health — and how pride can hurt those we love best of all.