The Nutcracker Battle

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#1 New Release Teen & Young Adult Dance Fiction

★ Two boys.

★ Two ballets.

★ One role.

Gabe’s thrilled when he’s cast as The Nutcracker Prince— until he hears the rival ballet academy’s also performing a nontraditional Nutcracker, and super-hot, super-talented Kit is dancing the same part. Gabe has to out-dance Kit. Kit has to out-dance Gabe. Each school has to out-perform the other in the city’s annual Nutcracker Battle.

When a life-saving run-in brings Gabe and Kit together, sparks fly between two teen dancers with so much in common. Their studios hate it. Their choreographers flip out. The alternative paper scoops it as a tale of starcrossed lovers, battling ballet studios, and dueling princes. But Gabe and Kit scheme out a solution just crazy enough that, with the help of their Claras, could end the town’s Nutcracker Battle— for good.

A super-fluffy Christmas story by internationally bestselling YA author Annabeth Chatwin, The Nutcracker Battle is a stand alone novella in The Heart of the Holidays: A Stand Alone Gay YA Series.